Name: William Lewis Ellis

Bill Ellis Place of birth: Acton, London, England

Date of birth: February 16th, 1931 (Time unknown)

Father: William Alfred Ellis (1895 – 1983)

Mother: Florence Redrup (1900 – 1993)

Siblings: Richard Alfred (1932), Hazel Elsden (1934)

Married: Kathleen V.B. Given on September 26th 1959

Children: Kathryn (1961), Karen (1965), William David (1971)

Bill EllisHome: We lived at 99 Leacock Drive, Kanata for 45 years.

Grandchildren: Christopher, Megan, Benjamin, Samantha and Jack.

Separated: November 28th 1999

Divorced: December 29th 2000

Landed Immigrant: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, September 11th 1953

Canadian Citizen: February 14th 1966!!

Education: Lancaster House School, Ealing College, H.M.S. Worcester

Bill EllisWork experience:

1948 – 1951 Apprentice, Furness, Withy Shipping Company Ltd., London.

Highlight: From July 28 ‘49 to August 9th‘50 we circumnavigated the world.

1951: 2nd Mate’s Cert. of Competency, Foreign-Going Steamship

1951-1954: Navigating Officer, Furness, Bermuda Ltd., New York.

1954: 1st Mate’s Cert. of Competency, Foreign -Going Steamship

1955: Hydrographer, Canadian Hydrographic Service

(This was the beginning of a thirty-three year Public Service career).

Bill EllisPublic Service Highlights:

Administrative Officer, Marine Sciences, Branch, EMR.

Special Asst. to the Hon. J-L Pepin,
Minister, Energy, Mines and resources

Member, Task Force on Research in Canada.
Science Council of Canada

Division Chief, Official Languages Branch,
Public Service Commission of Canada.

Executive Assistant, Asst. Deputy Minister, Property Development Branch, Public Works Canada

Director, Human Resources Planning, Public Works Canada.

Retired in 1989

1992: Elected a Trustee of the Carleton Board of Education (CBE).


Boy Scouts Of Canada (10 years)

Honourable Charge as an Assistant Deputy Camp Chief

(Troop Scouter to Assistant District Commissioner)

Coach and referee, Kanata City Soccer Club

Author, Cdn Soccer Assn’s Player Development Manual, 1984,

Coach, Eastern Ontario Boys’ and Girls’ U-15 teams

Coaching Instructor, Ontario Soccer Association

Technical Adviser, OSA Task force on female participation.

Member, Ottawa-Carleton Girls & Women in Sport Committee.

Kanata Beaverbrook Community Association

Chair, Parks Committee

Chair, Art Committee (Acquired the B.C. Binning painting)

President, enabled a sculpture, The Watcher, to be created.

First Aid Instructor, St. John Ambulance Brigade

Member, March Township Recreation Committee

Member, Board of Directors, Kanata Standard newspaper

Member, Task Force on Aims & Objectives of the CBE.

Volunteer, Canadian College of the Performing Arts, Victoria

Child-hood Influences

Influences Child

Adult Influences


Three Teenage Heartthrobs


Three Adult Heartthrobs


Three most traumatic experiences:

1. Surviving the London Blitz: Suffered from PTSD for fifty years before love healed it
2. Being elected a school trustee: Most of the nine new trustees were “sick” very quickly. The level of bureaucracy was frightening.
3. Moving alone to Victoria in 2001: Diagnosed with prostate cancer a year later.

Three most happy experiences:

1. Messing about in boats as a kid: going to sea, and sailing right around the world.
2. A winter’s night with soft snow falling outside and inside a room filled with Reiki love.
3. Standing atop Waynapicchu looking way down on the ancient city of Machupicchu below