My original thought was to put just a single dedication here. And then I realized that each one of you : family, friend, massage student or professional healer, some of whom I have known for more than fifteen years, and who are now more like colleagues,  has enriched my life in more ways than I can possibly express. So this web-site is my way of expressing my gratitude to you for sharing my path with me.

And that brings me to the words I had originally visualized for this page:

To a beautiful angel
Who, on a winter’s night
With snow falling steadily
In the warm light of a street lamp
Changed my life forever.

Later, she would gift me with a little porcelain wall hanging containing these words:


Later, I received a birthday gift of a magnetic healing necklace of black haematite interspersed with jade, which has been much admired, and which is still around my neck having been restrung once. To this day she is still my loyal and much loved friend.

And then there is that sunny September afternoon in Vancouver where I am standing outside an empty house because the key that the man told me I would find in a hidden place was not there. Moments later, a woman appears from a nearby park and says “You must be Bill”. There was an instant connection between us. So, later, when I had to make regular visits to the Cancer agency there, she has, whenever possible, always kept the door of their home open to me.

So she quickly became the number one supplier of hugs in my life as we developed a close, intimate friendship. She also happens to be one of the most intelligent, multi-talented women I have ever met.  She is, for example, an on-line magazine editor, columnist, blogger, and, in her words, “a teacher of courses on the divine magic that flows in our lives when we are awake to our true natures.”

And that brings me to the icing on my friendship cake: I moved to James Bay three years and continued my practice of visiting the local BC liquor store to buy wine for dinner. And there I met another of the amazing wine consultants that they employ: A raven-haired beauty, mother of young Olivia and partner of Jeff, who is always smiling. And, once again, there was that instant energetic connection. So, for the first time in sixteen years, in addition to a regular introduction to some amazing wines, I now have a regular supplier of hugs here in Victoria. And their home is open to me too.

So many blessings.

Finally, if I were to end with a more general dedication it would be to all those men and women who are working tirelessly to advance the cause of gender equity all over the world.