The Book of Dr. Divi Chandha

Dr Divi ChandhaWhen Divi Chandha graduated as a medical doctor in Ontario she naturally followed the traditional Western model of diagnosis and treatment until she unexpectedly had her own personal healing crisis.  A crisis that led her to explore what were then considered the “new” treatments of Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage, for example, following which she got certified as a medical intuitive. And that, in turn, caused her to examine some of the current belief systems about health care which she subsequently found to be unsatisfactory.

So she then developed her own Mind-Body-Spirit Model based on her belief, and the scientific evidence of others, that the body has its own natural innate healing ability. Hence, self-healing is a very real possibility. And the reality of that belief has recently been documented by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D., in her book Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer Against All Odds (HarperCollins, New York, 2014), besides Dr. Divi’s own, now considerable, experience with her patients.


Here, now, are my notes from a weekend workshop with her:

At the heart of any self-healing practice is an awareness, and understanding, that a person cannot get Source/ Universe to look at anything and everything from other than a place of love. It is also important to be aware that while at the level of the Mind Voice and The Spirit Voice there is separation, at the Heart level of the two there is none.

Consequently we have to make the vibration of love our choice. And, as soon as we can let go of Right and Wrong then all that is left for us is Happiness.

But we are always going to have Up and Down moments because that is the way the universe works i.e. change is the only constant. However, things do not happen randomly, they happen based on vibrations. So if we want to change what is happening to us, we need to change our own vibration first.

One way to do that is to practice Contrast and Clarity The former is all the thoughts, beliefs, events, people and places that we create resistances around and steer us in the direction of knowing what we do not want. So Contrast is what enables us to focus with Clarity on what we do want. Hence Contrast is necessary for humans to expand and evolve. And, many times, that will require changing the momentum in a given situation. Hence, suggests Abraham, count to seventeen to start that process, and keep doing it until you feel the shift.

Note: A practical way to do the individual Contrast and Clarity exercise is to use Focus wheels, as developed by Abraham and communicated via Esther Hicks.

And remember three things: First, what you resist will persist, until you surrender to it. Second, and as with Newton’s First Law of Motion, the more you push anything, the more it pushes back. So, again, the only solution is to let go and surrender to what is happening in the moment, because life is always moment to moment to moment. Third, you have to have peace with what is, before you can change it.

And one way other way to resolve a problem that is persisting in your thought is to change the topic i.e. shift the energies by sleeping, dancing meditating etc. Another is to then move to positive general thoughts followed by the more specific ones.

Examples of positive general thoughts are:

Things always work out; this too shall pass; I’ve been happy before and I can be happy again; it’s a beautiful day; my life has so many blessings in it, and so on. An example of a specific one is I can see myself holding a winning lottery ticket with a huge smile on my face.

Next, thoughts that constantly persist are the source of our belief systems which, in turn, affect our response to events. Similarly, thoughts also give rise to emotions which, in turn, also affect our response to events. Consequently, the more you understand your emotions, the more you will be able to heal them. Hence the objective is to move from the bottom of the emotional scale where Fear/Grief/ Depression/ Powerless and the Victim complex reside to the top where Joy/knowledge/Empowerment. Freedom/ Love and Appreciation reside.

Lastly, practicing Gratitude is an essential part of self-healing. Another is to begin each morning with positive emotions to carry us forward on an upward spiral toward the emerging day.

And here, by way of a summary are her Five Steps to Healing as shared in her new book, Heal Your Body, Love Your Life, (First Choice Books, Victoria, BC, 2014):

  1. Make Friends with Your Body.
  2. Understand Your Emotions.
  3. Listen to Your Inner Spirit Voice
  4. Know the Body Can Heal Itself.
  5. Choose Love Over Fear.