The Book of Howard Falco

Howard_FalcoMy awakening, he wrote in I Am, The Power of Discovery of who you really are, (Penguin Books, New York, 2010), was simply a case of an ordinary human being having an extraordinary experience …. In a single instant, I realized that I already am, in this moment, the perfection that I have been searching for in all the past moments of my life. 

He continues:

You are an infinite essence revealed in a finite expression, destined to experience the truth of all forms. Continually prodded and nudged with a restless sense of movement, forced to evolve by the winds of endless change…. Your existence as matter is the self-evident truth that you matter …. And the force that creates and sustains everything in existence is energy …. [But] ….for energy to hold something as matter there needs to be a certain force willing it to be. Therefore, intention, or the will to exist is the force behind all creation…. 

Evolution is creation expressed. i.e. it is simply the measure of expansion of possibilities that have manifested through creative expression…. 

Since the only constant in the universe is change… you are destined to endlessly create and express your true self … [and] … the expansion of your consciousness to a greater understanding of the infinite possibilities that exist for you is the intent behind the force of all energy that binds matter …. Your life is a journey of the awareness, cultivation, and experience of new possibilities. Through this unfolding you are led to the realization that it is not death that you are ultimately destined to, but rather the creative evolution of life. Put another way, Everything is on its own unique journey to the awareness of Oneness.

 And then he adds this little blockbuster:

The moment you realize that you create it all… [i.e. everything in your life] … you will realize that you can change it all…. After the crippling energy of fear, shame, guilt and regret have been dissolved, you are free to create your desired life from the only state of mind that remains: Love. 

To which he adds an interesting caveat:

The essence of free will is choosing how you will perceive and react to your experience in every moment…. But those choices will always be based on who you believe you are in that moment, So, in that sense, human life is all about beliefs because those are what give meaning to your life … [Consequently] … the universe you experience is the current sum total of your beliefs about what is possible…. [Hence]… The only way your world changes, is one person at a time and that person is you.