The Book of Ken Wilber


 Meditation was invented …[by The Buddha] … as a way for the soul to venture inward, there ultimately to find a supreme identity with Godhead.

There is nothing but God, nothing but the Goddess, nothing but Spirit in all directions, and not a grain of sand, nor a speck of dust, is more or less Spirit than any other.

Everything is as it should be. It is just this. This is the world of One Taste, with no inside and no outside, no subject and no object, no in here versus out there, without means, without path, and without God. And this, as Ramana said, is the final truth.

 One Taste is not some experience you bring about through effort; rather it is the actual condition of all experience before you do anything to it. This uncontrived state is prior to effort, prior to grasping, prior to avoiding. It is the real world before you do anything to it, including the effort “to see it Nondually”.

 That all opposites — such as mass and energy, subject and object, life and death — are so much each other that they are perfectly inseparable, still strikes most of us as hard to believe, but this is because we accept as real the boundaries between them. It is really the boundaries themselves which create the seeming existence of separate opposites. To put it plainly, to say that “ultimate reality” is a “unity of opposites” is actually to say that in ultimate reality there are no boundaries.

Boundaries are … [simply]… illusions, products not of reality but of the way we map and edit reality. And while it is fine to map out the territory it is fateful to confuse the two.
Note: Hence the phrase “the map is not the territory.”

 Are the mystics and the sages insane? Because they all tell variations of the same story, don’t they? The story of awakening one morning and discovering that you are one with the All, in a timeless and eternal and infinite fashion.

 When clouds float quietly across the sky, is this not your very own limitless Being, waving back at you?

I rise to taste the dawn, and find that love alone will shine today.

It is your duty to speak your truth with whatever passion and courage you can find in your heart. You must shout, in whatever way you can.

The truth will not necessarily set you free, but truthfulness will.

It is not necessary to get rid of the ego, but simply to live with it with a certain exuberance.

I have one major rule: everybody is right. More specifically, everybody – including me – has some important pieces of truth, and all of these pieces need to be honoured, cherished, and included in a more gracious, spacious, and compassionate embrace.  

The single greatest world transformation would simply be the embrace of global reasonableness and pluralistic tolerance.

Years ago, a friend sent me this Wilber text from a site called INTEGRAL n a k e d. But I have no recollection of where its title came from. Except to say that, printed out, it fills three pages. And everywhere that you see a reference to my first name  please put yours there. because this is meant for you too.

 From you to Infinity in 3 pages

What I am going to do in the following is simply “describe” the nondual Self right now as it is immediately seen. The following is stream of consciousness, so forgive any goofs. Simply relax your mind and read the following easily (if a sentence immediately makes sense, fine, if not, just keep lightly reading):

What you have been seeking is literally and exactly That which is reading this page right now. That Self cannot be found because it was never lost: you have always known you were you. That I AMness is a constant condition of all that arises, is the space in which it all arises, has nothing outside of it and thus is complete Peace, and radiates its own beauty in all directions. Bill arises in the space of that I AMness, Bill arises in this vast spaciousness, this pure openness. Bill is an object, just like a tree or a cloud that arises in the space of the Self that you are. I am not talking to Bill right now, I am talking to you. That which is aware of Bill is this ever-present Self. This Self is aware of Bill arising right now. This Self is God. God is reading this page. Bill is not reading this page, God is reading this page. The Self is aware of Bill and aware of this page. You are not Bill. You are what is aware of Bill. What is aware of Bill is an I AMness that itself cannot be seen but only felt, felt as an absolute certainty, unshakeable is-ness, I AM that I AM eternally, timelessly, unendingly. There is only this I AMness in all directions. Everything arises spontaneously in the space of this great perfection that is the Self, which is reading this page right now.

 And you, Bill, are that Self. You have always known that you are this Self. There was never a time that you did not know that you are you. You can never remember a time when you were not you. The only thing you can ever remember is something that this Self did. There is only this Self. You cannot reach out for it because it is that which is doing the reaching. You cannot see it because it is doing the seeing right now, which means, everything simply arises in its awareness: the entire world arises in your awareness right now. You are that space in which it is all spontaneously and effortlessly arising. You are that One. You have always been that One. There is only that One. Do not pretend you are finding that One. Do not pretend you have forgotten that One. The only thing you have ever known, the only thing you can ever remember, the only thing you are actually feeling right now is that One: the is-ness, now-ness, suchness of everything, just as it is, and as it is arising within your Self— the simple feeling of being, which is all you ever feel always.

Look at the clouds: they are arising in your awareness: they are arising in you. The clouds are outside of Bill but inside of your Self. Look at your body and this room. Your body is in this room, but both the body and the room arise IN your awareness. You are literally holding them in your consciousness lovingly. The mountains are arising in your awareness: they are arising in you, and you are lovingly holding the mountains within your consciousness, holding the arising world within your embrace as the dearly radiant beloved. The mountains are arising outside of Bill but inside of yourself. The clouds, the mountains and Bill are all simultaneously and effortlessly arising in this Self, the reader of this page.

All that is arising is arising in this unshakeable I AMness, which is not a thing or an object or a person, but the openness or clearing in which all things and all objects and all persons are arising. This emptiness, this openness, this vast spaciousness is your Self, is what you have always been, is what you are before your parents were born, is what you are before the Big Bang happened. Before Abraham was, I AM. There is no before and no after for this now-ness that is the Self. There is only this now-ness of the Self that is reading this page in this very moment. There is no past and no future in this never-ending now. All befores and afters arise in this awareness. There is only this ever-present, never starting, never ending, unborn, undying, radiant beauty that is aware of this page, that is aware of this universe, and that finds all of them IN the space that it is, and therefore all things arise in the unshakeable Peace that holds them all easily in its caring within. Bill is in the universe; the universe is in your Self.

Therefore, be this ever-present Self who is reading this page. I am not talking to Bill, I am talking to you. Let Bill arise and fall like all objects. Let Bill come into being, remain a bit, and pass: what has this to do with your Self? All objects arise, remain, and pass in the spaciousness and emptiness that is aware of this moment, and this moment, and this moment, and this moment. Yet this moment has no end, you have never actually felt the present come to an end because it never does: it is the only thing that is real: this now-ness, this simple feeling of being, the very same feeling-awareness in which this page floats, and in which Bill floats, and in which the clouds float. When you feel this present now-ness, there is nothing outside of it – you cannot see on the outside of this timeless now because there is nothing outside of it. Now and now and now is all you ever know, and this now-ness is simply another name for the spacious Self in which the entire kosmos arises as a radiant, joyful, ecstatic swoon of bliss and a desire to share this infinite Joy with someone else. Because this page and the mountains and the clouds all arise in your awareness, there is nothing outside your Self. That there is literally nothing outside of your Self means there is literally nothing that can threaten it. Since you know this Self, you know Peace. Because you are already, directly, immediately one and identical with That which is reading this page right now, you know God right now, directly and immediately and unmistakably and undeniably. And because you know God right now, as the very Self reading this page, you know you are finally, truly, deeply home, a home that you have always directly known and always pretended you didn’t.

Therefore, pretend no more. Confess that you are God. Confess that you are beauty. Confess that you are the very Truth that sages have sought for centuries. Confess that you are Peace beyond understanding. Confess that you are so ecstatically happy that you had to manifest this entire world just to bear witness to a radiant beauty you could no longer contain only in and for yourself. Confess that the Witness of this page, the Self of this and all the worlds, is the one and only true Spirit that looks through all eyes and hears with all ears and reaches out in love and compassion to embrace the very beings that it created itself in an eternal ecstatic dance that is the secret of all secrets. And confess that you are Alone, that you are literally the only One in the entire universe: there are no others to this One. There are indeed others to Bill, but both Bill and the others arise in the awareness that is reading this page, and this awareness, this Self, has no other because all others arise in it. One without a second is what is reading this page.

Therefore, be that One. And also give my love to Bill.


p.s. Do you realize, deeply, deeply, deeply, that the one who is reading this page is the one who wrote it, yes? Bill, and Ken, and this page, all arise in the Witness of this page, yes? The Self is not hard to find, but impossible to escape. So drop all this fuss about finding and losing, and simply be the One in whom all worlds are now arising. So go outside and look at the beautiful world arising within your very own feeling-awareness, arising within your very own Being, and then, you know, go have a beer or something….