The Book of Marlo Morgan

Marlo_MorganMutant Message Down Under
(Harper Collins, New York 1991)

These people … [A small Outback Nation of Australian Aborigines known as The Ancient Ones] …. believe everything exists on the planet for a reason. Everything has a purpose. There are no freaks, misfits, or accidents. There are only misunderstandings and mysteries not yet revealed to mortal man.

The purpose of the plant kingdom is to feed animals and humans, to hold the soil together, to enhance beauty, to balance the atmosphere…. The primary purpose of the animal is not to feed humans but it agrees to that when necessary. It is to balance the atmosphere, and to be a companion and teacher by example. So each morning the tribe sends out a message to the animals and plants in front of us. They say, “We are walking your way. We are coming to honour your purpose for existence“. It is up to the plants and animals to make their own arrangements about who will be chosen.

The Real People tribe believes … the universe is still unfolding and not a finished product.

You cannot recognize what you deem to be good or bad in others unless you yourself have the same strengths and weaknesses at some level of your being. Only the degree of self-discipline and self-expression differ. They believe the only way a person ever truly changes anything about himself is by his own decision, and that everyone has the ability to change anything he wants to about his personality. There is no limit to what you can release and what you can acquire. They also believe the only true influence you have on anyone else is by your own life, how you act, what you do.

I came to the understanding that there would be some storms in my life, that people and things I had invested a lot of time and energy into were going to be laid aside, but now I knew what it felt like to be a centered, peaceful being, and I had that emotion to draw upon anytime I needed or wanted it. I learned I could live more than one life in a life-time and that I had already experienced the closing of a door. I learned that a time had come where I could no longer stay with the people, the location, the values and beliefs I held. For my own soul growth I had gently closed a door and entered a new place, a new life that was equal to a step up a spiritual rung on a ladder. And, more important, I did not have to do anything with the information. If I simply lived the principles that appeared to be truth for me, I would touch the lives of those I was destined to touch. The doors would be opened. After all “it” was not my message; I was merely the messenger.

We journey a straight path in Oneness … [because] … the truth is, all life is one life. There is only one game in progress … [The game of life] … There is one race, many different shades… Blood and bone is in all people. It is the heart and intent that is different… Real people think about forever. It is all one, our ancestors, our unborn children, all of life everywhere.

I looked upward into the vast expanse of world surrounding us and, giving thanks, finally understood that the world is truly a place of abundance. It is full of kind, supporting people to share our lives if we let them. There is food and water for all beings everywhere if we are open to receiving and open to giving. But most of all I now appreciated the abundant spiritual guidance available in my life. Help was in every stress, including a brush with death and the very act of dying, now that I had got past “doing it my way”.

According to the tribe, fear is an emotion of the animal kingdom. There it plays an important role in survival. But if humans know about Divine Oneness and understand that the universe is not a haphazard event but is an unfolding plan, they cannot be fearful. You either have faith or fear, not both.

The Real People nation have for centuries had the practice at birth of speaking the same phrase to all new-borns: “We love you and support you on your journey.” At their final celebration, everyone hugs them and repeats this phrase again. What you heard when you came is what you hear when you leave.

Regal Black Swan told me that in the world of personalities, there is always duality. I had interpreted it as good versus bad, slavery or freedom, conformity and its opposite. But that is not the case. It is not black or white; it is always shades of gray. And most important, all the gray is moving in a progressive pattern back to the originator.