What are Ten Rules of the Road for Shamans?


Jose Stevens

Jose Luis Stevens, PhD, was a presenter at one of  the International Conferences, sponsored by The Message Company, in Santa Fe,  that I attended.

He began his talk by pointing out that Prayer ~ expressing gratitude ~ is a key part of being a shaman. And then he mentioned what he called some “Shamanic rules of the road.” And, not surprisingly, there were ten of them ~ tradition dies hard! Here they are:

1.  There will always be helpers along the way.

2.  There will be tests and obstacles.

3.  Where you stumble, there your treasure is.

4.  Seek and you shall find but it may not be what you thought it would be.

5.  Many results will come from a single event.

6.  It is impossible to see the whole road but you can always take the next step.

7.  Everything is hidden in the present.

8.  When awake, life becomes richer and more mysterious – look at routines to see where you have fallen asleep.

9.  Everything returns to its source repeatedly.

10. When in doubt, breathe deeply, for in breath there is light and sound.


Whatever hypothesis you hold abut life, about reality, the universe will confirm/mirror this, thus proving you right.
Shamanic teaching.