What is Enlightenment?


Enlightenment is not a process of imagining figures of light but of making the darkness conscious.
C.G.Jung, M.D.

Enlightenment is an awareness of your own consciousness.
Richard Tarnas, Ph. D.

Enlightenment is the transcendence of the ego.
Cynthia Joy Chataway, Ph. D.

Enlightenment is the realization that we are not alone.
Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.

Enlightenment is a moment to moment experience.
Charles Tart, Ph. D.

Enlightenment is the moment we realize that we are made of love.
Mark Nepo

Enlightenment for a wave is the moment the wave realizes that it is water.
At that moment all fear of death disappears.
Thich Nhat Hanh

Enlightenment is a state that describes the degree to which we are truly and fully present.
Ken Wilber

To be enlightened is to be aware, always, of total reality in its immanent otherness ~ to be aware and yet remain in a condition to survive as an animal. Our goal is to discover that we have always been what we ought to be. Unhappily, we make the task exceedingly difficult for ourselves.
Aldous Huxley

Enlightenment is a word we use to describe a direct experience of the Divinity that resides inside each one of us.
Bill Ellis

The day I became enlightened simply means the day I realized that there is nothing to achieve, no place to go, nothing to do … we are already perfect as we are.

Enlightenment is the recognition that I am an infinite being seeing and seeing from, observing and observed from, a particular and localized point of view.
Deepak Chopra

Enlightenment is not a process of learning, it is a process of unlearning.
Katherine “Kat” Domingo, Ph.D.

And I no longer have any idea of where these next three came from.

Enlightenment is an ending as well as a beginning: the ending of the old, veiled, dark ego, its longings, illusions, frustrations; the beginning of a vast expanse, an infinite field of the Unknown, an adventure in consciousness.

Enlightenment is a revolution: it represents danger to the old way of life, to old ways of thinking and living.

Enlightenment is freedom from the known and the unknown; from the real and the unreal; from any appearance.

Finally, and for a complete change of pace, is a light-hearted look at “Ten Guidelines for Enlightenment” provided by the unknown but much esteemed Swami Beyondananda under the title: Drive your Karma, Curb your Dogma. 

This is another one of those writings that I photocopied all those years ago and put in a newsletter without naming the magazine in which I found it:

1.  Be a fundamentalist – ensure that the fun always comes before the mental. Realize that life is a situation comedy that will never be cancelled …Have a good laughsitive twice a day which will encourage regular hilarity. 

2.  Remember that each of us has been given a special gift just for entering so you are already a winner. 

3.  The most powerful tool on the planet today is Tell-A-Vision. That’s where I tell a vision to you and you tell a vision to me. That way, if we don’t like the programming we are getting, we can change the channel. 

4.   Life is like photography – you must use the negative to develop. No matter what adversity you face, be reassured that of course God loves you –He’s just not ready to make a commitment. 

5.   As we go through life thinking heavy thoughts, thought particles tend to get caught between the ears and cause a condition called “truth decay” so be sure to use mental floss twice a day. 

6.   If we want world peace, we must let go of our attachments and truly live like nomads. That’s where I no mad at you and you no mad at me. That way there’ll surely be nomadness on the planet. Peace begins with each of us. A little peace here, a little peace there. Pretty soon all the peaces will fit together to make one big peace everywhere. 

7.   I know great earth changes have been predicted for the future, so if you are looking to avoid earthquakes my advice is simple “When you find a fault don’t dwell on it”. 

8.   There is no need to change the world. All we have to do is toilet train the world, and we’ll never have to change it again. 

9.   If you are looking for the key to the Universe I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news: There is no key to the Universe. The good news: It was never locked!! 

10.  Finally, everything I’ve told you is channeled. That way, if you don’t like it, it is not my fault. But remember – enlightenment is not a bureaucracy, so you don’t have to go through channels.

You just have to Be.