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Poster Boy, Victoria Car Share Cooperative, Oak Bay News, March 6, 2009

Some people have the gift of seeing a poem in the most ordinary of things. And so it was that on a Sunday, in the year 1786, the Scottish poet Robert “Rabbie” Burns was sitting in church and noticed a louse crawling along a woman’s bonnet. So he wrote a poem to it, the last line of which has become part of human folklore:

O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us

To see ousels as others see us!

It was frae monie a blunder free us

And so it came to pass in 2012, when I was doing some life-work with Maureen Fontaine, a multi-talented and exceptional tarot card reader, that she suggested a novel way of answering the question of “Who am I?”  She suggested that I send the following two questions to about ten of my friends from which she would select five words that summarized who they saw me as being.

The first question was “What shows up when I do?”

And some of the answers were amazing. For example, twenty-year old Maria Alexandra wrote “Life appears.” And an older 5 Rhythms dancer wrote: All your guides/angels of wisdom and lightness of being.”

The other question was, “What qualities do I bring into a room?

And Eric, a mature man, who is both an extremely talented magician and a practicing Buddhist, who often drove me to the Sunday night sits, wrote: “A warm smile, joy, light. I think if I was in a dark room, I would be able to see Bill’s light and know where he was.

Subsequently, as I sat in my apartment, contemplating the five words that Maureen had given me , my eyes were drawn to a laminated piece of paper on which were inscribed the words that Lisa Evans, who originated what she called Beach Dance on Cannon Beach in Oregon, had written to introduce me to the other guests at her fortieth birthday celebrations. ( Note: We had originally met at a 5Rhythms dance workshop on Whidbey Island in Washington State after which she sent me an email that said, in part, “ I am happy to have danced, played, laughed and cried with you. Your beautiful smile and sparkling eyes express your love for life and others. 

The word that jumped out at me was “Inquisitiveness” and it occurred to me that Maureen’s two questions were not likely to elicit responses like that.  Would anyone call that a quality, even though it is very much a part of who I am? So I contacted her, plus a dozen other friends and asked them to choose the first five words that came into their Beingness, to describe me.

These friends, predominately female, with ages from twenty to the mid fifties, had been born in Canada, China, Germany, Mexico and the USA. A couple of them had only known me for a few weeks, others for many years. Nevertheless, there was a great measure of similarity in their responses.

And here is what happened when I then married Maureen’s key words ~ I no longer remember which one I dropped ~ with the later ones:

(Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Masterful, Grounded)

(Kind, Caring, Thoughtful, Generous, Sensitive, Compassionate, Warm

(Divine, Intense, Vibrant, Spiritual, Light, Connected to Source

(Incredibly strong desire to know things and such a curiousity about life and yourself)

(Humourous, Friendly, Happy, Optimistic)

My biggest surprise was seeing the last one there because I tend to see myself as quite serious.

But here we are in 2016, and as I put the finishing touches to the first draft of this book, here is what my newest and best Victoria friend, Danielle, mother of Olivia and partner of Jeff, and a most talented wine consultant ~ we share the best all the time! ~just wrote for me:

He reminds me of a young and kind child who is looking for adventure in paper boats floating on the water and being gently pushed and guided by the wind. He conjures up images of sparkling things: wine, water and twinkling eyes. He is friendliness, openness, impatience, all at once. He’s like a seabird on a long journey gliding over endless seas and wind-swept coast lines. Looking, searching…

Lastly, the current term at The West Coast College of Massage Therapy has just come to an end. And when I said good bye to two of the most talented and caring graduate students, they told me what they had liked about my being in their treatment rooms. Here is what they then put in writing for me. Here is what I then received:

He never complains. He enters the treatment room with a smile that makes my soul melt and with a smile that shines so bright.. Bill actually cares to hear about my life and teaches me something new every time I see him. I feel like a better person after each of his visits.

Bill understands health on many levels. He talks about how he heals his body and nurtures his soul. This comes through with every interaction I have had the pleasure of having with Bill ~ I learn something new. He is a teacher, a healer and an inspiring human being.

And i am happy to have her here on this page because when I went for my next massage with a new group, I was shown her last message on my file:

To whomever has the pleasure of working with Bill: Your life will be enriched by his bright, loving, grounded spirit. Enjoy every moment.

And, on the other side of the form under Home Care Instructions, which I usually ignore because I tell them that I am lazy, she had written this, which I can do:

Breathe …   … and keep laughing.